• Performance and management of general construction works
                • Designer supervision of general construction works
                • Management and designer supervision of restoration works
                • Technical study of buildings and expertise of construction design
                • Management and designer supervision of heat supply and ventilation system assembly works
                • Management and designer supervision of water supply and sewage systems
  • <b>Vitauts Mažilis</b>

    Vitauts Mažilis

    Construction projects manager

    Certified industrial and civil building specialist, building construction manager, occupational health and safety coordinator.
    Work experience:
    occupational health and safety coordinator Ltd. “Mira-G”, technical director of Ltd. “Hotel Riga”, work supervisor Ltd. “Mārupes ceļinieks”, building station manager of joint-stock company “Ceļu pārvalde”.


  • Tatjana Mušinska

    Certified construction manager

    Many years of experience working as a construction manager and construction supervisor.
    Most recognizable objects:
    preschool education institution in Tukums – new building. Preschool education institution “Avotiņš” in Baloži, Ķekavas region – reconstruction. Agriculture building complex in Auce – new building. LLU in Jelgava – classroom renovation. A/S “Latvijas gāze”, Vagonu street 20, Riga – office space reconstruction.


M.Nometņu 31

Mazā Nometņu 31

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Reconstruction plan development of an office building
  • fima

    We thank Ltd. “Smart Construction” for cooperation. Employees of the company astonished us with the will to find new solutions in nonstandard situations. During the former period of cooperation, Ltd. “Smart Construction” has proven itself to be a secure partner, which carries out dismantling tasks and general high quality construction works on time.


  • riga

    Ltd. “Smart Construction” did technical inspection and expertise of a house which is located in Riga, Slokas street 70a for Rīgas Pārdaugavas Executive board. Company did their job with high professional standards, according to requirements, in good quality and within timeframe set in the contract. We can confirm SIA “Smart Construction” professional and high quality approach to work.

    Rīgas Pārdaugavas Executive board