Real estate development strategies and financial plan

  • Market study and drafting plan for optimum use of site
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Assessment of cost-efficiency
  • Estimates of return on investments
  • Estimates of capital yield factors
  • Determination of funding amount
  • Determination of equity amount
  • Formulation of loan conditions

Project concepts and consulting

  • Market research and competition monitoring
  • Market segmentation
  • Definition of target groups and their selection criteria
  • Definition of functions (use) of site
  • Functionality of site
  • SWOT analysis of project

Legal services

  • Drafting of agreements
  • Supervision of transactions
  • Protection of customer’s interests throughout transaction

Technical management and designer supervision of project

  • Budget plan of project
  • Selection of designer and contractor
  • Design supervision and coordination
  • Project management in course of construction
  • Supervision of construction costs and timing
  • Guarantee supervision of completed construction
  • Selection of manager



    Experience in construction and real estate development since 2005. Many years of legal experience in real estate issues and attraction of investments.
    The most significant projects:
    Founder and CEO of Ltd. “Smart Property Group” and its subsidiaries.
    Ltd. “Baltijas Projektu un Investīciju centrs”, Ltd. “Āgenskalna Nami” and Ltd. “Būvmeistarserviss” founder and board member.


Mazā Nometņu 27

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Trade and services building development

Marijas street 2a

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Shopping center development concept
Lielirbes iela

Lielirbes street

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Office building and shopping center development concept
M.Nometņu 31

MAZA Nometnu 31

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Trade and office building development


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Development concept
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Kalnciema 36/38

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Trade and service building development concept
  • Balsts

    ”The team of „Smart Property Development” is always astonishing. Their approach and key operational principles may be characterized as: reaching higher, performing better, and achieving more.”


  • KIVI

    „Wise, well-weighed real estate development is not just a slogan; we can see from our cooperation experience that „Smart Property Development” has selected a team of proficient experts brought together by strictly set goal, confidence and knowledge how to achieve it. This is a future-type approach to real estate development. ”